Android Market Catching Apple App Store

If you’re looking at the number of apps in app stores, Apple is ahead of Android. It’s actually way ahead, 150,998 compared with 19,897 in Android Market at the time of writing.

But if you look at the percentage of apps that are free compared to paid you’ll see that Android Market has 57% free whereas Apple have 25% free. It’s quite interesting how Android has taken the lead with this.

Android Market is the fastest growing app store

Android is growing faster than it’s competitors. In January it added 15% new apps than the month before which is impressive. It real terms Android added 3,005 apps in January, again if you compare this with Apple they added 13,865 in the same period but their growth rate wasn’t as fast as Android.

By the looks of the numbers you might think that Android has a long way to go to catch up with Apple but if it’s growth rate stays the same they will catch them.

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